Onyxia Fly

Hello guys,

Im trying to repair onyxia flying but only what i get is some hover effect, very weird:

The code that should activate onyxia fly is:




But only what i get is a hover effect on onyxia, and when it cast a fireball, onyxia lands for a sec?

Very weird.

My questions is, how can i properly let onyxia(or another creature) fly without landing when casting spells

It is like onyxia has a wall above her, she wont get higher for example with:

me->GetMotionMaster()->MovePoint(2, x, y, z + 30.0f);[/CODE]

She needs proper movementflags set. Many scripts just hacked movementflags the wrong way, and until a while ago the entire core implementation of flight movement flags was wrong.

Our doxygen documentation gives a good insight on the movementflags and their meaning: http://docs.trinitycore.info/Unit_8h.html#a083358a25d084fb928e170c453128f9da95d7702ffb577e3cd39f79d199f5a0c9

The real blizzlike values you can get from a retail sniff. However I suspect that you only need to set SetDisableGravity (MOVEMENTFLAG_DISABLE_GRAVITY). There’s probably no need for the CAN_FLY flag.

Thank you, solved

Could you post a pull request so this could be added to the core?