Opening db2 files

Hello, I’m looking for a software for opening areatrigger.db2, I need to check a id for fixing a quest and mydbceditor doesnt open db2 files. Any suggestion?

Thanks you.

WDBXEditor was created by barncastle to be compatible with every revision :wink: .

Personally, it is my favorite, especially when you need to dissect from different revisions with the project that I have been working on.

A lot of thanks you, Im doing a video-tutorial for fixing quest 39384 and i need it for the areaexplore objective ^^.

EDit::The compilation is giving error, i will have to wait for a fix, thx.

@Daniel25 There is no need to compile, @CDawg just pointed you to the repo.

Here is the direct link to the latest (17-08-2017) version of the compiled application from their “Releases” page -

Just keep in mind, it might take a minute to start up due to the “auto update” being broken (maybe fixed already), if you will see any errors after startup just ignore them (application cannot contact update server).

P.S. Some of the db2 files do not contain “proper” column definitions (in WDBXEditor), so you might want to use for the reference of the column structure

@darki73 ow i didnt see that, thanks you and thanks you for the link to check column structure :P.

@darki73 Whoops! I meant to put in the releases folder. Also, I have a compiled version that disabled the auto-update.

@Daniel25 Sorry for the confusion, to add what darki73 mentioned. It will try to connect to their server and check for updates. It does take a good minute once you launch the app.
I have the Editor with that feature disabled. I just have to find it. Once I’m home from work I can PM you one.

@CDawg thanks you, i just got the zip and it worked good. In the end I had to fix the quest in different way, it wasnt a areatrigger :P. Thanks you both for the help.

The topic can be closed.

(if you are curiose what quest it was Quest 39384 )