Pandaren, Worgen, Goblin Starter Areas

I have looked through forums, and can’t find a straight answer. Have followed the guide, but not working.

ISSUE: Starter areas for the Pandaren, Worgen, and Goblins are either broken, or non-exsistent. I have followed the guide to git current commits, but it continues to say ‘up-to-date’. The only topics I have seen on any of these are old, or links that go to dead pages. My question, and I do apologize if it is here somewhere (and i missed it), is how do I make these starter areas act ‘normal’, with working quests?

If I did miss it, a simple link is fine. Else an in-depth step-by-step to get these working would be appreciative. If it is not possible at this time, that as an answer would suffice.

It’s a long story but in short these are not scripted (yet).

Cataclysm Zones - Quests + Phasing

[master] WoD missing features

Wandering Isle is checked but it has some serious issues. I hope one day Lopfest will be able to finish this zone.

(Also there is no post cata content on Trinity… I tried to help them with initial spawns but as you can see from the conversation there is zero feedback so I stopped contributing. )

Play these zones on offical then use the quest commands to skip these zones on Trinity. (quest complete & quest reward)

Thank you for the quick response.