Parse ADB, DB2, DBC, WDB and CSV files to SQL, DBC and CSV formats

WoWParser is a Tool to Parse World of Warcraft files (DBC ADB DB2 WDB) to a various file formats.

Lastest Public Build: WoWParser 3.1 Revision 223 (April 10 2016)

You can the latest public version from my repository here:

You only need to have git and clone it: git clone [email protected]:glkrlos/wowparserpublic.git

	[B]WoWParser 3.1 Zitacuaro (Revision 223):[/B]

[ul][li](April 10 2016) Fix: At the moment of parse some ADB files an incorrect error message of “Structure damaged” was displayed.[/li]
[li](April 08 2016) New Version 3.1 Revision 220 has been Released.[/li]
[li](April 08 2016) New: For each new version of parser now will have a codename.[/li]
[li](April 08 2016) New: Enabled the parse of DB2 and WDB files. For WDB files requires maximum version 15595 to parse it. Just the parse of itemcache.wdb is disabled for now.[/li]
[li](April 06 2016) New: Now have 4 executables, two for Linux (i386 and AMD64) and two for Windows (x86 and x64), and is compiled under linux debian 8.3.[/li]
[li](April 05 2016) New: Implemented the option to parse each file type to CSV, DBC or SQL formats, the default output is to SQL files, but you can manually choice what output formats do you want for your files.[/li]
[li](April 05 2016) Improvements: Added additional check at the moment of parsing CSV files to prevent some possible errors, and now requires to not have any empty line even if is the last.[/li]
Testing (April 08 2016):
[ul][li]Support to verify converted files.[/li]
[li]Support to connect to a SQL Server. For read and write parsed files.[/li]
Still in Development (April 08 2016):
[ul][li]Creating support to predict field types in WDB files. (really hard to do that but i’m in progress)[/li]
[li]Support to select name and order of columns in SQL file format.[/li]
[li]Support to select the name and order of columns at the moment of parse files to a SQL Server.[/li]
WoWParser 3.0 (Revision 192)

[ul][li](April 03 2016) New Version 3.0 Revision 192 has been Released.[/li]
[li](April 03 2016) Temporarily disabled the parse of DB2 and WDB files because this will need more tests. But it will be released in April 09 or 10 of 2016.[/li]
[li](April 03 2016) Predicting DBC and ADB files are now 100% efficient for non byte packed files.[/li]
[li](April 03 2016) Temporarily disabled the creation of SQL files because an unknown error.[/li]
[li](April 03 2016) For now is realeased only for Windows, I’m still testing over different platforms, but i will end son.[/li]
[li](April 03 2016) Improved in CSV files how is handled the parse of special characters like \t \r or \n respectively. \t is replaced by [[[[t]]]], \n by {{{{n}}}} and \r by ||||r||||, this will prevent a CSV file to be wrong. This is a workaround to fix all the cases when the string have new line, line return, or tabulator because CSV files can’t handle it even if you use tabs as separator. When the program reads the CVS files again, these especial characters will return to the original state at the moment of write to new file format.[/li]
[li][SIZE=14px](March 30 2016)[/SIZE][SIZE=14px] I’m really sorry if i waited too long, but now i can activelly working on this proyect.[/SIZE][/li]
[li](March 30 2014) No longer compiled under Windows.[/li]
[li](March 29 2016) Now is created a log with detailed information of everything that happens.[/li]
[li]Configuration file changed to XML format.[/li]
[li]Now uses Version Control (Git).[/li]
[li]Revision is used instead of Build.[/li]
[li]Compiled sources now include HASH and DATE from repository to know what Revision is.[/li]
[li]No longer has two executables (one for parse from DBC, DB2 or ADB to CSV, and the other for CSV to DBC), now is all in one executable.[/li]
[li]All the code are totally rewritten.[/li]
[li]Reading CSV files now shows correct messages if expected data is wrong.[/li]
[li]Predict field types now gets unsigned int fields.[/li]
WoWParser 2.0:

Initial Build:
[ul][li]Version 2.0[/li]
Build 12:
[ul][li]Improved optimization at read binary files.[/li]
Build 73:
[ul][li]Corrected many problemas at parse CSV files.[/li]
[li]Added many error messages to known the cause of problem at parsing file.[/li]
[li]Added support to read DB2 files (after patched mode).[/li]
[li]Finally predict field types working very good with float and string fields.[/li]
[li]Removed support to read files via arguments in command line.[/li]
[li]Implemented support to find and read files using recursive mode in the program directory.[/li]
[li]Implemented support to read files with specific format (string, int, float and byte fields).[/li]
[li]Added configuration file to read files and format.[/li]
[li]Implemented in configuration find files using *.dbc for example.[/li]
[li]Implemented creation of DBC files using recursive mode.[/li]
Build 81:
[ul][li]Fixed a bug where Predict System can’t open some files because an incorrect error message of byte packed.[/li]
[li]Improved Predict String Fields from ADB, DB2 and DBC files (Report any bugs if any with this improvement).[/li]
[li]Improved Parse Strings Fields from CSV files, now display proper error messages in unexpected end of string or missing " at the end of string field.[/li]
Build 85:
[ul][li]Fixed a crash if the only one field is set (string field) at parse CSV files.[/li]
[li]Fixed a problem if the first field is a string, the rest of the fields can cause an incorrect error messages.[/li]
Build 98 (Final 2.0 Version):
[ul][li]Improved code optimization to read in a better and safe way binary files.[/li]
[li]Implemented support to read WDB files (Only in configuration file with the proper format).[/li]
[li]Improved format in configuration file to read in one special way only itemcache.wdb to parse it correctly.[/li]
Known Bugs in version 2.0:
[ul][li]Reading values from CSV file for integer, float, and byte fields still no error message if you put an alphabetical character, normally in conversion to numeric value is cero ‘0’, so beware.[/li]

WoWParser 1.0:
[ul][li]Implement support to read ADB, DBC files.[/li]
[li]Added Basic Support to predict integer, string and float field types (Predict float and string fields still not working good and byte fields not supported yet).[/li]
[li]Added support to read files via arguments in command line.[/li]
[li]Implemented Read CSV files.[/li]

thanks very usefull

Final Public Version?

Wrong section… This should go into Trinity Utilities section, not here…

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/emoticons/default_tongue.png I like it. Thanks a million.

New Build of WowParser /emoticons/default_smile.png

Active proyect.

I’m continuing the development, so version 3 Beta will be released in the next few days.

Thank you.

+glkrlos you should add an option to convert them to SQLs (funnily, I ran across your tool ~1 week ago, but I needed something to put a bunch of DBCs and DB2s in SQLs all at once) and also the strings for WDB files changed since 5.2 you could maybe take a look to it.

Also, good luck on development!

EDIT: Well, didn’t see the “Still in development” part.

with WDB you can retrieve spawn location too? You can retrieve also gameobject and their spawn location? -


Why does it not go the same way as it did with 3.3.5a, item_template? It sucks this way hardcorely…

I’m really sorry if i waited too long, but now i can activelly working on this proyect.

New Version 3.0 Released

New Version 3.1 Released