Passive Anticheat System!

[I][B]Passive Anticheat System[/B][/I] ← link

[ul][li]Why is "Passive"?[/li]

This system is called in this way becaue it only detects and reports possible cheaters. It never takes an action against a player.


[ul][li]What does it detect?[/li]

Speed Hacks

[li]Walk On Water Hacks[/li]
[li]Fly Hacks[/li]
[li]Teleport To Plane Hacks[/li]
[li]Jump Hacks[/li]


[ul][li]What’s the average?[/li]

The average is the amount of reports per second, since the player logged in.


[ul][li]The commands:[/li]

.anticheat global - Returns the top 3 players with more reports and the top 3 players with the lowest average

[li].anticheat player - Gives detailed information about a player[/li]
[li].anticheat warn - Send a warning msg to the player.[/li]
[li].anticheat delete - Deletes the player reports or all reports.[/li]
[li].anticheat handle - Turns on or off the Anticheat System[/li]


Thanks mate.

Keep up the good work

hi manuel,

if im correct this is trinity and anticheat WITHIN the code??

and can you please tell me more what has been changed? did the false positives gets nerved?


uhh manuel, is it possible to get the anticheat as a patch?

Ty Manuel /emoticons/default_wink.png

patch for TC 11043 (anticheat revision

Great work manuel! I’ll test it this night. Shall we report bugs here or on GitHub?

Is it possible to implent in master in future?

Greta work Manuel

to make things easier… plus adding sql properly…

Haven’t tested, just made a patch

git-apply 11044-passive-anticheat.patch


the patch wont work with git apply anticheat.patch what am i supposed to do?

Great work, Manuel!

It works perfectly and tracks really everything now! /emoticons/default_biggrin.png


heya. that patch applied /emoticons/default_smile.png i think you might wish to see this

ac.patch:84: trailing whitespace.


ac.patch:118: trailing whitespace.

ac.patch:179: trailing whitespace.

ac.patch:184: trailing whitespace.

ac.patch:203: trailing whitespace.

float z_diff = fabs(ground_Z - z);

warning: squelched 23 whitespace errors

warning: 28 lines add whitespace errors.

It should be great, this code is not hacky like the others, so I hope they accept it soon on master’s branch. I’ll test it later for leaks and other things related. People should test on big servers to see if it generates too much overhead or raise up the latency.

hey LordPsyan can you do me one big favor /emoticons/default_biggrin.png? make the VIP accounts have its own patch /emoticons/default_smile.png since im not interested int he AH BOT

It will not be added to the trinity repo since this is something custom and unblizzlike, for hacking detection blizzard uses WARDEN. So the correct way is emulate it.

I don’t know the criteria to be added to TrinityCore repository, but there are some unblizzlike stuff on the core, just by checking the configuration file it’s easy to see. Anyway, it doesn’t matter too much if it is on TC repository or not, what matter is the code, and most of people probably wants to see that on the main repo because this code is very good.


Thanks for anticheat, but not all use it (Without active block). If i use other anticheat, delete this from off trinity-may be problematic.

in attach patch for TC revision 11060

Can you explain a bit like the operation of this anticheat?, please

That is, bans the use cheats?, stores it in the DB and the ban your hand?, or how?