[Patch 4.3.4] VAS AutoBalance [Updated as of 8-13-2013]

I really loved this system so I updated it and just wanted to share the patch. I take no credit for the original script as it has been updated and modified so many times by so many people. I took this version from here http://www.trinitycore.org/f/topic/6551-patch-vas-autobalance-updated-as-of-9-3-2012/ and then updated it to work with the current version of 4.3.4 Trinitycore.

  • Updated it to the latest core revision

  • Improved upon by adding ModifyHealRecieved so that when a mob heals another mob/self/or boss that it will also be scaled to the correct amount

  • Update Added the 3.3.5a patch

I am not sure if I did the patch right, but I just wanted to share the script is all.



OMG woot /emoticons/default_smile.png Thx Nat.

Thx. I will test it.

3.3.5 says it can’t find vas-autobalance.h

I grabbed the latest source last night and applies the patch and had 27 whitespace errors but it still seemed to work… After i ran it through cmake it failed /emoticons/default_sad.png. …any ideas?