[Patch] Emerald Dream Textured

I made these ages ago so the Emerald dream shows its textures. These are just handmade specular maps to show the textures as they are instead of the vast oasis of green in most areas.

Unrar and Place in world of warcraft/DATA directory.

Enjoy /emoticons/default_smile.png


Edit:As requested screenshots of what this does.





It’d be nice if you could post some screenshots as people (me included) are quite reluctant to download random files of the internet. I’m not implying anything, just saying it’d be nice if you did.

Thank you for your time.


I think the posting of a client modification is not allowed here, is’nt it?


Well, in fact he don’t have modified the client, he made one external patch.

If I remember right there is another way to do this without the patch, I think it was by turning off specular lighting but not 100% sure.

Yus! Go into Options->Video->Effects and toggle off Specular Lighting.

What is the .go to go in the emerald dream please ?

Nice job /emoticons/default_smile.png

I use .go 0 0 150 169

smacks you right in the center

Well. This edit is not made by you, was released on modcraft forums like 3 years ago /emoticons/default_smile.png