[Patch] Individual Player Rates

If you’ve seen the scriptcraft core, it has a command, .exp, which sets the rate for that player between 1x-5x. Does anyone have or can make something like this? It’s a really nice idea and people can level at the pace they want to.

Here, I made one for you. Tested and working on TrinityCore rev. 2012-02-08 20:01:38 -0600 (89adbc177893+) (Unix, Release). I did not implement saving, so whatever value each player sets does not persist once they log out. It shouldn’t be too difficult for you to add if you want that, though. Patch your src with the xprate.patch and (optionally) execute the SQL query inside the xprate.sql.patch to add the syntax and help text into the DB. Enjoy!



awesome work kline!

Possible you can show how to do this but then it will permantly save the xp rate for the player?

need to be saved on db and read from it for every player or account


Just started to keep my patches there now. The xp_rate currently pushed there does save and load. Just tested it (briefly). It saves per-character rather than per-account, so you can still speed-level 1 guy, keep another normal, make one a twink…etc.

Kline, everyone is asking about XP /emoticons/default_tongue.png but loot chance is the other thing! Is it possible to do something like .loot rate too? like .lootrate 5 (increased your loot chance by x5 or 5%) etc. that would be awesome as well /emoticons/default_smile.png Possible something that could save too, i love that repo you made its very nice!

Been digging about the loot system and haven’t quite figured it all out for myself yet, haha. Still reading the DB table layouts in the Wiki and poking around the source code. I’ll try to get something together once I can figure things out if it isn’t too extraordinarily difficult on me /emoticons/default_tongue.png

Anyone that can update this to work with latest source ?

Would be interested to see this as well. I’ll take a look at it and see if I can’t make something of it.

Taking a look at this tomorrow. I think it is still doable, though. I think this should be incorporated into the characters table, but all in due time. It will be relatively hacky, though. I am sure off it.

Any luck?

Does this patches need updats or still works fine?

Last commit year ago - they are just fine xD

I haven’t really spend much time looking into the integrity. I know that they are solid enough to “mostly” copy, however, there were many core changes that essential decapitated it’s support.

Not sure why it wasn’t released here 1st…

This patch allows players to set their XP and loot rate (multiplier) to a custom value.
Players are given two commands: .rate xp $value and .rate loot $value that will be used to change rates.
Maximum rates and who can use commands (account security) are configurable via config. values.

How to install:

  1. Download rates.zip from http://filebeam.com/f5d2e6163200d9dfc95427c69758041a and extract it somewhere on your hard drive
  2. Import character_loot_rate.sql and character_xp_rate.sql in your TC characters database
  3. Import commands.sql in your TC world database (not necessarily needed, used to add help to commands)
  4. Apply rates.patch to your TrinityCore clone, via git apply rates.patch (the file must be inside root TrinityCore folder), or GitExtensions. There are a lot of tutorials on how to apply patches via GIT.
  5. Copy custom_rates.cpp to PathToTrinityCoreClone/src/server/scripts/custom
  6. Use cmake to configure & generate TC project files again, then re-compile
  7. Make sure to copy worldserver.conf.dist in your server’s binaries folder, on the bottom it contains different configs for this patch

Patch was successfully applied on clean TC rev. https://github.com/TrinityCore/Trini…29a8eb65fa2150

Not my work → Not claiming as mine. Was publicly released over on AC-web by [B]silviu2008[/B]

Tested in game, working just fine for me…


maybe an invidual player drop rates would be cool if it is possible

it is possible to create a patch for custom rate honnor ?


Have special code for custom xp rates with max rate from config files but i let you to see my code and inspect and maybe some suggestion are welcome.


Your commit doesn’t include any conf settings.

OutDated !