[Patch] Multi Trainer



This can be used for profession trainer ? And explain me where i need to change code in cpp files. Thank

It is a patch, it already tells you where to edit.

And yes, you should be able to.

Yes you can send every trainer’s list, evern profession, weapon, class trainers… I even use this code on eluna /emoticons/default_tongue.png

will not work for me nothing pops up… are you sure you havent forgotten something?

player[COLOR=rgb(102,102,0)]->[COLOR=rgb(102,0,102)]GetSessionCOLOR=rgb(102,102,0)->[COLOR=rgb(102,0,102)]SendTrainerList[COLOR=rgb(102,102,0)](creature[COLOR=rgb(102,102,0)]->[COLOR=rgb(102,0,102)]GetGUIDCOLOR=rgb(102,102,0), [COLOR=rgb(0,102,102)]914[COLOR=rgb(102,102,0)]); // 1 creature guid, 2 trainer entry from npc_trainer

thats what i did, no result

if for example i use.

entry: 50015 thats rogue trainer but spell is -200004

shall i use -200004 as entry instead? i tried yours 914 and still no result

Im sorry if I don’t know why aint working for you… Im using an older revision, trinity has updated since then and I guess that requires more edits :confused: