[Patch] Possible to Show ban in the world?

Well idk if it would affect anything if it was called repeatedly from the DB. Maybe for a ban command it wouldn’t be that bad, considering it wouldn’t be used too often, but what if we had an announce command that was used all the time?

i Tried all of those and always i get an error >.>

they are outdated…i edited Level2.cpp & Level3.cpp commands manually and worked for me.

with the current logging system changes on the core, this patch no longer works and it used to work sooo good and i loved it, but now level2.cpp and level3.cpp are gone. So does anybody know of another method to announce to the world when a player is kicked / baned / muted?


Is it really too hard to navigate to the new file that replaced the levelX.cpp files and add the changes manually there? Are you seriously going to wait for someone else to do this for you? …

Im gonna edit your answer removing the totally unnecesary hostile parts of it as not everyone religiously knows the tc file structure as you, so here goes:

Discover replies: There’s now a new file that replaced levelx.cpp files and you can perform the editions on that one.

Oh… and you didn’t even mention which file but i’ll figure out on my own

Anyways! thanks Discover <3

Try these:



For kick you can probably use config: CONFIG_SHOW_KICK_IN_WORLD

Or https://github.com/T…s_misc.cpp#L902

ps. Note what the name of the folder where the scripts are.

pps. Notepad++ has a search in files function that allows you to search things from all files inside a folder and it’s subfolders.