[Patch] Scale objects and creatures

Objscale allows you to set a size for specific spawns of gameobjects and creatures. You can do this change ingame with commands or in the creature and gameobject database tables. Made for 3.3.5a.

[SIZE=18px]Download[/SIZE]: http://rochet2.github.io/Objscale.html


looks very nice /emoticons/default_smile.png

Seen it requested a couple times here and some ppl requested it on other forums just now.

Basically its only useful if you are going to build something with the objects and need to scale things to fit places etc.

Atm. (without patch) you would need to create a new object every time and ingame scaling would not really be possible in the same way.

Added NPC patch and added limits to object patch.


Fixed a crash on new chair objects. (and possibly on other chair related events)

pretty awesome. thanks.

One thing left.

The gameobject size restriction is too small.

Atm 3 objects are not spawned. Max size by the patch is currently at 10 and max ingame object is size 30.

Please help me do this on latest revision, I will be your new lover (No homo).

In other word’s you will be my hero.

I need to do this to continue my project, I hope I don’t stay on a halt for too long.


Pro job pasting your lordcraft.net profile in your post.

How can I install this? D:


Use git bash

git apply asd.diff

where asd is the filename.

Where do I put it?

Oh – I’ll try putting it in Trinity folder.

Basically any location is fine, but preferrably where you open git bash in / to.

http://i.imgur.com/sFESVXE.png :confused:

Thats what happens when you try to add it to skyfire … when it is for trinitycore.

And it is for a specific version of trinitycore. If you have problems you should fix the conflicts.

Fuq. Fuq. I know someone who has added it to Skyfire tho. Do you know if there’s anything about .gobj scale or .gobj set scale across the net?

Can I use Eluna lua engine and import command from ArcEmu?

You pretty much need to make a core edit.

The idea is the same in every core mod. You should be able to add the command based on the diff if you know any C++.

slit throat. I haven’t got C++ knowledge either. I wouldn’t be here if I knew how to make a game object scale command myself. I’ll just find someone who has got one, thank you anyways!

Why the fuck would you be asking for help with skyfire in the TC forums, in the first place? why didn’t you just follow it all the way back and ask in the mangos forums, or find someone helping with wowd or wowemu and ask them? Just because a project was forked off another project does not mean you can just stroll in to their forums and get help with it.

Since Trinity is the base for Skyfire, I thought using this script could’ve worked. There are no public .gobj scale commands out there.