[Patch - test] Attention pet owners - no more lag despawning

Tired of having your pet despawn just from running around? Well worry not, I’ve just published a patch to remedy the situation. No more “call pet” whistles every 30 seconds, you can finally enjoy slaughtering mobs in Azeroth…



The goal of the patch is to keep the pet within an acceptable range while follwing without looking like a bunny jacked up on caffeine. I tested it by running around Stormwind and Elwynn alone but that’s not nearly enough.

Here’s what I’d like you to test:

[ul][li]Combat - Pet should use old speed calcs while in combat[/li]Debugger shows this working
[li]Debuffs - Apply some sort of slow debuff without entering combat[/li][ul]Check that the pet doesn’t zip around as if there’s no debuff
[li]Buffs - Speed buffs like Crusader Aura[/li][ul]Check that the pet doesn’t zip around like a crack-rabbit
[li]General stability[/li][ul]Does the constant speed monitoring add any noticeable lag?
Please post your results in the bug report thread above. Don’t worry about checking code style, it might need a little finesse but the devs will make comments on the PR regarding that.

Note to admins:

I posted this here to drum up testers because I don’t think a lot of people pay attention to the bugs & patches section. If it doesn’t belong here, please move it. Thanks!

Im trying it out, got a lot of friends giving the thumbs up. In BGs, raids, and questing.

Awesome, good to hear.

I know it’s the holidays so I don’t expect too much activity on the PR but hopefully it will find its way into the core

eventually, even if it needs some tweaking.

Anyway, I put a little background (with examples) on the initial bug report as to how I arrived at the formula. Hopefully

if people have questions or concerns it will prompt some discussion.

Patch updated, fixed crash on “Tame Pet” due to no owner being assigned when UpdateSpeed() gets called

for the first time.

Please update your core if you’re testing, thanks!

hmm, I didn’t even try taming pets, but i noticed that the players already had pets that were testing it. Updating Unit.cpp now

I found it by accident… one of my Hunters just turned 16 and I was on my way to tame Echeyakee, the

white Lion in The Barrens. For my run through Ashenvale I wanted to tame a temporary pet to

distract any would-be attackers. After the spell finished casting the server crashed.

That’s why I post these test requests. There’s usually one or two things I don’t think of during initial development.

This feature has been merged. Thanks to everyone who took the time to test.