Patched clients illegal?

Hello all,

I know technically TC is a reverse project, and distributing patched clients is illegal I suppose, I heard it from somebody in my server. Is there anyway to address this?



From legal standpoint - client is fully copyrighted and protected by Blizzard. Patching it is considered as direct violation of EULA and such stuff.

On other hand I know people who patch it as crazy without getting into troubles. I guess they’re able to eschew punishment cause of intellectual protection absence in their region.

To add to what Alex.hpp mentioned…

The worst case scenario is that you use the patched client to connect to retail and would probably get perma-banned on your account and possibly IP blocked (If they catch you). However, you can get around that by telling their customer support that you think you have a “corrupted client” and they pardon you.

Tip: Just don’t connect to retail with a patched client. :wink: