Pb with identification


I’ve follow the explanation to make a server with the mmaster branch.

The authserver and worldserver launch without error.

I’ve created an account with the command bnetaccount create

But when i try to identificate on wow, it says that the login or password is invalid.

How could vérify that password are encrypted in the right way and decrypt in the good way too ?

Thanks in advance and for all your good work.

Example of salt et verifier that appear in my database auth :

Salt : ҕ��E��O���4��`˷����NV�:

Verifier : � ���1ri͐������IDmm-�����v

My table are in utf8_general_ci for auth, world and characters table and utf8mb4_unicode_ci for hotfixes


MySQL Workbench 8

Visual Studio 2019

Git v2.30.0


ok it was du to the client.