Perf command equivalent tool on windows?

I’d like to check what is being executed on the worlserver and see it’s perfomance and all that, can I do it on windows? I saw on the issue tracker a guy posting this:

Results of running perf with about 450 players online and diff spikes of 300 every few seconds:

  • 3.37% worldserver worldserver [.] Object::_SetUpdateBits(UpdateMask*, Player*) const
  • 2.91% worldserver worldserver [.] UpdateMask::GetBit(unsigned int) const
  • 2.21% worldserver [.] 0x4b50
  • 1.57% worldserver worldserver [.] void BIH::intersectRayVMAP::GModelRayCallback(G3D::Ray const&, VMAP::GModelRayCallback&, fl
  • 1.51% worldserver worldserver [.] LinkedListHead::isEmpty() consthow can i see this on windows?