[PHP] dbscript - web interface to database

Hello all!

i returned with new version dbscript 4.3.32

Official site DBscript - database editor

Programm created for shared work with database for multiusers mode.

and can be executed for remotely work with database (not only editor, even for creating backups!)

No more requires Zend optimizer , sources open


SVN and full changelog data placed on official site


SVN Updated 17.04.2011

and i select only main changes can be useful

listed here:

+add script generator (compare) — allow create script for compate two tables, generate table or script for content (not exist in 1 table) and can start it. (test mode) . this script not compate two existed lines , only check line from table one in table two (!).

+added autoupdate from SVN (only after pressing key check update) .

+added sinchronization dbscript configs from other dbscript (setting in admin-panel). Any selected config can be updated, even gmdata.

+menu multilevel supported (based on parsing pages.cfg)

*some bugs fixed and some possibilities added…

Dbscript 4.3.11 23.09.2010

+Can be used standart mysqldump utilite

*Dump script simplified

*Fixed no values generation code

+allow dump one table. (no all db)

Dbscript 4.3.08 13.09.2010

+added internal and external support jQuery

*Added small help for installing without Zend Optimizer.

If you don’t want use Zend , and don’t want use old open version (4.1.75)

please write here post.

I have many screenshots with working with Trinity Database

i added later them

Why encrypt the source code if you go to distribute it free?

it’s hard questin, try to answer

Free version is 4.1.75 ,

no zend, installs and works perfectly on any system

new Free 4.3.32beta linux version.

no zend, partial unsupport win32


Official 4.3.32beta

version with closed core work free only on Linux.

i think windows users love trial version /emoticons/default_wink.png

i don’t like windows, and i think more users go to Linux if programms cut support win32

and i have physical defect right leg and requires this step to buy healing.

its not full answer but i thinking about continue. (no time at work)

any ideas are welcome!

So pathetic - no one will switch to linux cuz of ur script and its FACT. Say truth, u just want to make money with this script. Btw, using zend encryption automatically breaks any support for ur “free” code.

i don’t see why this would have any advantages over free projects like phpMyAdmin, which are actively developed and supported on every system i can think of

me myself, i don’t trust encrypted code. who knows what kinda stuff is hidden in there… it’s especially dangerous for this type of script as it works with sensitive data

I was thinking on the same thing! I don’t trust on something i don’t see.

sorry for my english

i retry, encoded files are safe, and special for you say

existed non-encoded versions (file dbscore.lib )

if you don’t trust zend files (or installing one program it to hard) use one of this versions.


removed code is-copy protection and some of win32 functions

All Linux work guaranteed


you really need copy protection codes? i think updoading them is bad idea.


removed copy protection

Checked on IIS7 and appserv on Windows7, work guaranteed.



and you hear about double-licensing one programm?

i think use this, but don’t know how .

And it not PHPmyadmin replacement

Program have settings to shows some enabled tables to internet (full or not full)

Many settings to work with tables for editors

it can be very useful if server not in home, remotely , and if mysql server on provider side( you cannot change settings of this)

and programm supported work with standart CSV files as tables(just add header)

it can be useful to work with converted dbc or some other data from Excel.

you can generate links to table like this


and if table disabled to show in world (or user not right) it can see only message about insufficient rights

+++can work with many servers from one place,and have server status mechanism (command .status)

+++additional possibility - filehosting with rights

+++inside comments enable to every data line (saving not in DB , in dbscript side)

and interest

you know about nvidia or ati drivers, you can read the sources and build it manually,?

and last question

be better if exist only one version which can be run on any OS without zend?

i already try do it, but no one about year no start work on programm in svn and upload patches.

Here is a new full 4.3.4 SE version, all source code open


and i update SVN on googlecode.

there is no more requires zend (but with zend it works faster)

im looking for a help with developing and fixing utilite