[PHP] Trinityscripts is back!

Hey guys,

after a while we are back with a new forum software.

We still have our 2 projects: TCWeb and Minimanager for TrinityCore.

!!We are looking for developers!!

Description of Minimanager for TrinityCore:

Minimanager for Trinitycore (MmfTC) is an administration tool written in PHP, HTML, SQL, etc. and can be run in your browser.

It’s also for normal players, but normaly servers have an other page.

Key features:

[ul][li][*]Manage Users, Characters, Tickets, etc.[/li]
[li]See other Characters like in the armory[/li]
[li]Integrated forum[/li]
[li]Database editor (e. g. for own items)[/li]

Link to our repo:


Description of TCWeb:

You know the old WoW-Europe page? TCWeb looks like that page and has all 3 important things in one pack: Forum, Armory, Website.

The whole system works with TrinityCore so you don’t have to register twice.

Key features:

[ul][li][*]Looks like the original page[/li]
[li]3 in 1 (Forum, Armory, Website)[/li]
[li]Uses TC database[/li]
[li]Create your own content (own forums, etc.)[/li]

Maybe you may ask what Trinityscripts (TCS) is? Trinityscripts is a forum or community for 3rd party applications for TrinityCore and you should notice, that we aren’t an official project of TrinityCore.

Here is our forum adress:


Best regards,


looks promising ill keep an eye on this

Well we are inactive since half a year :confused:

We need developers, I’m just the manager. :wink:

instead of a general shout, do you need any specific help on anything??

I want deal with it. I can code PHP and so on.

Well please write applications on our forum or just PM me your E-Mail addy and come online on IRC (registered plz!) :wink:

Also thanks for pinning the topic. /emoticons/default_smile.png

– Mythos

PS: We take everyone (like McD), you should have enough ambition, I don’t care about 1337-PHP skills. /emoticons/default_wink.png

I must say i find the project name (TCS) somehow conflicting. I expected something entirely different under the topic title.

I didn’t want to say what leak said, but I quote him.

I thought you were a group of guys making some scripts on request.

What you offer is the usual thing for private server, again. Not really fit in this forum.

Well Trinityscripts is a forum for all 3rd party applications. Not just our 2 projects.

If you are interested in having a forum, just ask. It’s like http://mangos.osh.nu/

I have a problem when I want to change a creature. I search and I click on the monster and an error appears:

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘LIMIT 1’ at line 1

EDIT : Before this error I had these 3 errors :

Unknown column ‘lootcondition’ in ‘field list’

Unknown column ‘condition_value1’ in ‘field list’

Unknown column ‘condition_value2’ in ‘field list’

I just add the columns in the table ‘creature_loot_template’

Help me please…

Nobody can help me … ?