[PHP] WoWHead PHP Bug Extractors

I wrote a tool in php which checks if NPCs: have the loot bugged (loot, skinloot and pickpocketloot templates), or if they don’t sell or don’t train anything when they should. The tool checks the NPCs comparing with wowhead datas and possibily it writes the entry of the bugged NPC in a file *Code.sql

Here the code: Helias/WoWHead-PHP-Extractors · GitHub

I suggest to run these tools using the terminal, because the browser doesn’t load the text during checking of the NPCs. The terminal describes his status during the checking of the NPCs.

Wow, this looks absolutely incredible. Looks like the next step in emulators.

Also, I’d recommend readers to take a look at this, too: [/URL][URL=“http://www.trinitycore.org/f/topic/6034-keira-database-webeditor/#entry38302”]http://www.trinitycore.org/f/topic/6034-keira-database-webeditor/#entry38302

Equally ingenious! By the way, any news on that project? Looks really nice and I’ve had a similar idea… just didn’t have the knowledge to put my idea into a program like you did.

Thanks a lot. . . .

. . . .Just because I know there are going to be people asking…

<lets out a hacking cough>[/CODE]

How exactly can we utilize this tool to improve the accuracy of our personal emulator? I don’t really have a clue my self to be honest. Is it just ‘plugged’ into the little PHP service on WAMP/XXAMP ect,.?

Feel free to post here and/or send me a message as well - I really like your work… a lot!

So would it be possible to take the next step and cull information from wowhead and plug it into the databases? Items, for instance, could be “generated” straight from data someone else has already entered /emoticons/default_smile.png