Place Custom Code Area and Help and Support on top of the forums


Reasoning is, that a lot of help requests are about custom code anyway and what better way than including the “support areas” onto the top ? Also, I think it helps the cleaniness of the forum.

Also make it more clear that asking how to write code, or what function does what IS NOT a help and support issue, and should not be posted there…

Have a problem with Trinity? Post your question here CLEARLY and in as detailed a manner as possible.
you MUST read THIS before posting, or your topic may be closed.

You have a question about a 3rd party patch posted on Custom Code and Requests? Post it on the same patch thread.
You must post the full patch when requesting help for a custom patch. Any help request without full patch will be closed.
Repacks aren’t supported here. Check with the release group/person for support. A repack is any released binary or executable (.exe) that you download from any website other than

I have read, understood and agree to these rules and conditions

I don’t know, seems lately this is getting ignored, before they post a new topic. The search is getting better, imo. However I do like the custom code discussion on top.

Also, Any thoughts or plans on the Bug Reporting / Patch Submission link?

This has returned a 404 for quite some time for me.

(Last question was directed to Mr KingPin and/or the web dudes respectively)

what link? the one at the top of every page works just fine, is there another one you are referring to?

The Bug Reporting / Patch Submission link in the TrinityCore Development section.

It gets a 404 going to

KP is fixing fixed that now.