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I have server on trinity and i changed the level cap to 255 but i want to know 2 things. How can i raise the cap of stats because when it reach 255 and resets back to 0, and the other thing that i want to know is: is there any way to make xp bar visible after 80 level?

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you edited your core with level cap?

in dbcenums.cpp there you need to add 255 and then add player_classstats,player_levelstats and pet_ levelstats up to 255 + you need xp gained to 255 to… if you want i will post these for you and yes you can get xp bar visible again after 80 with addon…

I have already modified in file DBCEnums.h DEFAULT_MAX_LEVEL 80 to DEFAULT_MAX_LEVEL 255 and MAX_LEVEL 100 to MAX_LEVEL 255 and in file DBCSructure.h GT_MAX_LEVEL 100 to GT_MAX_LEVEL 255. Also i have already filled tables player_levelstats player_xp_for_level and player_classlevelstats to 255 but problem is not there.

EDIT: I’ve made 2 screenshots look at base stats at 119 level picture and then in 120 level.[ATTACH]605._xfImport[/ATTACH][ATTACH]606._xfImport[/ATTACH]

mate will you post the Things you did add i really need it to my Server?/emoticons/default_wink.png

I have posted what changes i made to the core but if you want DB changes i want to to tell you that I don’t like this changes and it’s on test period. They will be be changed at least 1 more time. This don’t solve my problem… Someone else???

im sure you messed something up in your db …you dont have lvl 119 or 120 and so on stats…

Noo this happens at the same stats on level 2xx too + i made my tabes in excel in csv format so there is no way to miss something. The stats just resets after they reach 255 i’m sure that this is in my core but IDK where. Come on i can’t believe that trinity team don’t know where need to be changed. Please tell me.


im not sure about this , but make a lvl 256 states and try again . ( if its possible)

And what will change this?

The stats just resets after they reach 255

added , these are level 255 stats + custom 18 races





they can make you some errors to becos i have these made for other races to like naga and others but try them .just backup your db and delete these what i have uploaded and excute these in your db…run the server ,delete cache from wow folder and let me know what happened:d

[/URL][URL=“”]Filebeam - Beam up that File Scottie!

and this is addon for xpbar to show after level 80

[/URL][URL=“”]Filebeam - Beam up that File Scottie!

but mate you cant use Lua in trinity

or shall i use the Lua in the wow Folder?

Did you know that your stats are buged because some of your table columns are in tinyint and some others in smallint and stats stuck at 255 and 65535. I think this is my problem but IDK where in core i need to change the data type.

This is Addon and his place is in WoW folder/Interface/AddOns

EDIT: @marx your stats stays on 255 and didn’t reset but i want stats higher than 255.

there is a script …wich changes the stats i will test it out now i understand what you ment…i changed the [FONT=helvetica]tinyint becos with it i cant add stats…i will test some ideas…[/FONT]

Ok i’ll wait but if someone else heve better solution let’s feel free to share it with us.

client limitations will not allow over level 255, and even some problems start at 100 (druids, for example) nothing you can do about it.

Noo i don’t want characters with level over 255 i want their base stats can be more than 255 without that reset. Also this bug with druid have few fixes /emoticons/default_smile.png

Problems start at level 81. Mages use more mana to cast spells and the problem gets worse every time they gain another level. I wish there was a list of all the bad crap that happens when you try to go past level 80. I reverted my server because it just sucked going beyond level 80. More problems than it was worth. It would take a LOT more changes than I’ve seen anyone do to make it worthwhile.

lol…all these probs are easy fix…

im playing around with these functions and they are working well for me

mabye it helps