Ported trinity to 5.1.0

Hello ,

Maybe i don’t have rights to ask there , but i try ( sorry ). I’m looking for 1-2 IDA - reverse engineering developers for a ported trinity 4.3.4 to 5.1.0. We make constant progress in 2 , already handled most of basical opcodes and basic systems are working ( in- world ). For more info send me a PM .

will you be willing to push your code to a TC repo branch for 5.x?

At the moment i can’t say anything. Anyway trinity won’t work on mop. I’m just looking for 1-2 guys to fix things quicker.

why would you not push your changes to a Trinity repo if you are using Trinity code (man-years of effort that you are already getting for free) and then coming to Trinity forums asking for dev help on a 5.x branch?

Without previous devs pushing to the repo, there would be no 4.3.4 branch and your 5.x server would not exist.