Possible to import cata/mop gear into 3.3.5a?

This may not be possible or worth the trouble to do, but figured it doesnt hurt to ask. I have a repack as a custom server i’m hosting for a small group of friends/family to play on. I’m very new to all of this, and still learning my way through SQL.

I was hoping I could find a way to import items from Cata/MOP into my repack. Not as concerned with Mounts and such, but if they’re there then its a bonus. My primary concern was equipment/weapons (Tier sets 11-15/6). Since its a very small population, if we wanted to attempt dungeons/raids I would need to scale the difficulty. Since I didnt know how to scale the raids themselves, I figured the easiest way would be to scale the players via gear.

I realize that I would also need a patch to give to everyone as well in order to have skins for all the items, but I also would need the SQL entries. I guess spells are already coded in with the compile i have? So even if spells didnt function it would still be nice to have. My other option i’m considering if this doesnt seem feasible is to just custom create a ton of armor sets and attempt to scale the stats myself.

Again, I appreciate any tips/links you could provide to help out.


You’re going to get the canned message, ‘we do not support repacks,’ etc etc blah blah blah. It is just best to compile the latest rev of Trinitycore and implement it yourself. You can’t always trust repacks made by others… jus’ sayin’. As far as importing Cata/MOP stuff into TC… it’s not easy to do and would require hacking the client. I’ve seen it done on youtube… but it causes a host of problems.

That’s called retro-porting. But more or less it hasn’t to do a lot with the server technique. It’s mostly a client side modification.

Therefore Trinity forum will not support such stuff.

I recommend http://modcraft.superparanoid.de/

A community for client modding.