prevent client update and get client up with old version

hi there

i am new to trinity 6.x branch i was working on skyfire but now i am moving to wod

i had compile tc back in 6.1.2 19865 and got things working back then

today i was tring to test that again and i got world and bnet working

but i was unable to start my old client even with patched version it tried to update

now after searching the forum i couldnt find any thing about preventing client from updating so i can work on

client that maintain the version

i am currently updating to latest but i wonder if there is a way that can start client without checking current version

so when working on specific version it remain same version

You have to patch your client with the -e option.

e.g connection_patcher.exe C:/Path/To/Wow.exe -e

thanks it was really fast i will start working on it