Problem for C++ Standard

hi , i must to add this commit for tdb 52 :

but i have a error : The C++ Standard doesn’t provide a hash for this type.

Does anyone know how to convert this for compiler under VS 2013 ?

typedef std::pair<int32, int32> coordinate;
std::queue Q;
std::unordered_set alreadyChecked;
std::unordered_set outOfBounds;

You need to provide a custom hash function for the [COLOR= rgb(39, 42, 52)]coordinate type since the compiler doesn’t know how you want to hash this custom type:

struct Hasher {

std::size_t operator() ([COLOR= rgb(39, 42, 52)]coordinate const& right) const {
return … ;

[COLOR= rgb(39, 42, 52)]std::unordered_set<[COLOR= rgb(39, 42, 52)]coordinate, Hasher> …

For hashing the two ints you could use std::hash and combine it using boost::hash::combine