Problem with a custom script TC 3.3.5


My custom script of teleportation does not work, since the update of TrinityCore. I adapted with what I have found and understood but it’s still not working . I have three (five) errors :

[ul][li]GossipNpc.cpp(270): error C2259: ‘GossipNpc’ : impossible d’instancier une classe abstraite[/li]
[li]GossipNpc.cpp(270): note: à cause des membres suivants :[/li]
[li]GossipNpc.cpp(270): note: ‘CreatureAI *CreatureScript::GetAI(Creature *) const’ : est abstrait[/li]
[li]ScriptMgr.h(419): note: voir la déclaration de ‘CreatureScript::GetAI’[/li]
[li]LINK : fatal error LNK1181: impossible d’ouvrir le fichier en entrée ‘…\scripts\Release\scripts.lib’[/li]
If somebody can help, it would be really nice.

Have a nice day and thank you for your help

This is a script :

Read this:

Thank you so much Rochet2 Northmen :wink: I’m not developper i’m tweaker and I’ve inspected your example, i have adapted my code as your code and it’s work