Problem with custom boss

Hello, this is my first custom boss , i compiled it, no errors, but in-game it doesnt cast any spell… The SQL part is correct, anything wrong here?

I was under the impression that bosses have their own AI (lots has changed since I last worked on any scripts, so, I went searching before just saying that…) and, it seems I was right, you are using scriptedAI, which may or may not be correct for what you are doing, but, there is indeed a BossAI, as you can see in this script:

so, maybe the scripts in that same folder can help you out with scripting a Boss, if that is truly what you are attempting to do. Otherwise, search through other scripts until you find ones that fit what you are doing, and will possibly help better than whatever you used to make this one.

It is my first one. Small steps right?/emoticons/default_smile.png But wutg scriptedAI it deal 1 damage. I will try with bossai

Btw. it is 4.3.4. What NameAI should i put in SQL ? the netsyAI or ? . script still not working. managed him to deal some serious damage… Any help please?