Problem with mapexctractor etc...


I’m compiling my first server on a linux vps (debian 10), and i have an issue. My VPS can support only 20Go and i already have finished my server. All is fine i have a lot of place but the problem is that when i run worldserver it block after that the server start. I did some research and it’s because i must exctract with my tools to have map dbc… And the problem now is that i have to install wow on my machine to extract all and i dont have enough place in my vps. I tried to put these exctractors in my client on Windows but it’s not supported. Can i have some help?

Thanks :smiley:

Edit: I compiled all on windows again just to extract all new map and i put all on my linux server but still stuck at realm list on wow client. I have 0 error when i start authserver and worldserver.