Professions in 3.3.5

Help! Having a huge brain fart right now. After being give the easy life in Cataclysm and MoP then WoD…I’ve totally forgotten how to craft my profession skills! Everything Ive searched gives info to creating recipes/cooking/bandages through the professions pane in Cata and above! I want to make a simple bandage from Linen so I can up my First Aid! Old age sucks… senility sucks! Thanks for any advice.


Kinda sorta… Eh. No not really. LOL (After reading my post, I can see your confusion. Sorry!) I know where the professions pane is, but I cant figure out how to actually MAKE the dang things. For example, I want to make a linen bandage. I want to cook a particular recipe. I was just at the first aid trainer in Orgrimmar, I had a bunch of linen cloth in my bag, but… then what? I got the training, but the linen bandage is not showing up in my professions tab. Is it a glitch Im experiencing?


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Actually, a friend helped me out. I was looking in the Character information window under the skills tab. I needed to be in the Spellbook window. A whole 'nuther ballpark! DOH! Its all coming back to me. :slight_smile: Thanks for your time and patience.

I take my previous comment back. I was so frustrated that I completely misunderstood what you were trying to tell me. It was the “General” tab that threw me. I completely blanked and it suddenly hit me in the face like a sack of potatoes. Really sorry!!