PvPstats is an utility that allows to store and display data about Battleground scores. It consists in a core modification (see b651729) and a web application written mostly in PHP. It’s released under the GNU AGPL v3 License.


Each time a Battleground ends, PvPstats stores in the database all Battlegrounds:

[ul][li]Date & time[/li]
[li]Winner faction[/li]
[li]Type (which BattleGround is)[/li]
[li]Bracket level range[/li]
(Releated table structure: http://collab.kpsn.org/display/tc/pvpstats_battlegrounds)

For each Battleground it also stores player:

[ul][li]Killing blows[/li]
[li]Honorable Kills[/li]
[li]Bonus Honor[/li]
[li]Score damage done[/li]
[li]and the other various data (like Warsong Gulch capped/returned flags, Arathi Basin assaulted/defended bases, EoS capped flags, etc…)[/li]
In a nutshell, it saves all datas you can see when the BattleGround ends in the score window.

(Releated table structure: http://collab.kpsn.org/display/tc/pvpstats_players)

The web application currently displays the amount of victories of factions, top 20 players and top 5 guilds of:

[ul][li]Current day[/li]
[li]Last 7 days[/li]
[li]Current month[/li]
both for all levels and for every level range (10-19, … , 70-79, 80).

It also displays:

[ul][li]Detailed BattleGround scores informations (battleground.php script)[/li]
[li]Top100 players and guilds (top100.php script)[/li]
The web applications uses the framework Bootstrap which makes it fully responsive, supporting different window and screen sizes (e.g. desktop, tablet, mobile, etc…). It also uses the jQuery JavaScript Library.

[SIZE=24px]How to install[/SIZE]

  1. Update your core and database to latest revision (recommended), or manually import this commit (not recommended).

  2. Open your worldserver.conf file and set:

Battleground.StoreStatistics.Enable = 1

3) Clone the repository into your web server (e.g. /var/www/):

git clone https://github.com/ShinDarth/PvPstats.git

4) Copy the file [B]config.php.dist[/B] and rename the copy to [B]config.php[/B], then open and edit it properly (it's quite commented).

[SIZE=18px]Please report any bug here.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18px]Screenshots: [/SIZE]





[CENTER]thanks Kalhac for this nice logo[/CENTER]

Look’s really nice stuff to implement on a website! Nice work!

Recent updates:

[ul][li]Implemented BattleGround type selection[/li][li]Added Cataclysm support[/li][li]Misc fixes[/li][/ul]
Coming soon:[ul][li]Display BattleGround detailed scores[/li][/ul]
please keep the web app updated and report any bug at github.com/ShinDarth/PvPstats/issues

Recent updates for web app:

[ul][li]Display BattleGround detailed scores[/li]
[li]New file structure for repository to facilitate updating[/li][li]Miscellaneous minor fixes & improvements[/li][li]Display Top100 players and guilds[/li][li]Improved performance[/li][/ul]
Recent updates core-side:

[ul][li]Fixed bug of wrong bracket_id values (update your TrinityCore to latest version!)[/li][/ul]

Keep the app updated (and don’t forget to update your config.php file too)!

Report any bug at github.com/ShinDarth/PvPstats/issues <

thanks to all contributors who are helping me in testing things and find bugs.

no demo?

Here you can find demo and screenshots:


Thanks, very good system.
I’ll try.
more languages​​?
I could help for the Spanish

Glad to hear you like it /emoticons/default_smile.png

I never considered about translating PvPstats since there are so few strings, are you sure we need more localizations?


I’ll check it out later /emoticons/default_wink.png

Very nice work, just set now. Congratulations!

P.D.: Is possible to have multirealm support?.

You can install one PvPstats web interface for each realm you have

Great stats tool! Great design. Works perfect.

Thank you for share this.


I made some improvements regarding security, please update your PvPstats to latest version.

These updates are small and do not require to change your config.php, so just run git pull and you’re done.

Pretty nice, installed it under 5 minuts, thanks!


  • fixed .character changefaction victories swapping issue (for new BGs only)

  • victories amount should work for cross-faction BGs too (not tested)

  • code cleaned


  • Requires latest core revision (2ebf068fc or newer)