Query Help

Can someone help me with a query to distribute gold to characters in the server?
Ex .: 1k for all characters

SET @money := XXX; UPDATE `characters` SET `money` = `money` + @money;

Thanks a lot.

Note: don’t to that with server online.

Something like that could be automated in a maintenance script. That assumes, of course, the “gift” wasn’t supposed to be a one-time only thing. A simple check to see if a “gift of gold” is desired, then generate the sql and execute it. A Windows system may require something extra to do this, but a Mac/Linux server would be able to do this easily.

Building on the topic that is on Query could give me a hand with a query for later add profession
eg: 450/450 without recipes.

I get by command but the goal was to make the site, and the site does not accept the command by command of the account will not target

.learn 51309
.setskill 197 450 450

But this does not work for the site then I believe that only by query