Quest 14091 Something's Amiss

i need an adivice on the best practice to fix this quest.

in the db there was the quest taker 34913 and i couldnt turn in the quest.

when i set it to 34850 all went well.

there are a lot of prince liams…

i dont think all of them are needed - so whats the best way to sort them out?

should i even sort them out? or should i only drop 34913 and add 34850?

You shouldn’t do any of that unless you have a sniff that tells you what is proper and what is not, without the sniff, you are just guessing.


meanwhile i have viewed a video of the quest and read the sai tutorial - and realized that my editor need some more features to fix even the easiest quests…

i have also added some comments in the sql exports from the editor after reading the sql guidelines

as soon i have fixed my first quest good enough to be accepted - i will set a step by step tutorial into to wiki and upload the editor