Quest 24556 "A suitable disguise"

As suggested by Malcrom I’ve started mining some data from that quest.

It’s in the chain of the battered hilt quests. After the patch on “What the Dragons know” this is the next bugged one.

Set in Dalaran, it’s very similar to “Still at it”, where you have to click on certain things in order to wash them in Aquanos (a washing NPC)

These are the dialgues:

NPC 36856 Shandy Glossgleam:

[SPOILER]Before the beginning of the script {

dialogue window {

Are you surprised to see me here? Everyone needs clean laundry, and what better way to do it than with your own water elemental?

Simply bring your laundry, pay a nominal fee, and before you know it, everything will be fresh and clean!

(cloud) Gossip Arcanist Tybalin said you might be able to lend me a certain tabard.


You’re in luck. I’ve got just what you need in the load I’m about to wash.

See the piles of laundry and the bucket of water? I’ll call out what I need next, and you put it in the tub. Ready?


Script requests {

Quick, add some shirts to the laundry!

Add the unmentionables… uh, I mean, the ‘delicates’!

The tub needs more water!

Toss some pants in to the tub!


Script correct answers {

I should keep you around.

Well done!

That’s how it’s done!

Clean and tidy!

Nice. I don’t want to know what that stain was.

Aquanos can hardly keep up!


Script wrong answer {

Oh, no! That wasn’t right. Now I’ll have to go get more detergent so we can start over!


Succeed: End of the script {

Aquanos, stop sending the clothes so high! You didn’t have to see the look on Aethas Sunreaver’s face when he found his pants in the fountain!

See how easy that was with everyone working together? Just take what you need from the clean laundry here, but don’t forget to return it when you’re finished.



Positions of the objects, taken roughly from the youtube video:

[SPOILER]Water bucket (201298 ally, 201855 horde):


Shirts ( chest (201296 ally, 201935 horde), Shirts above it (201300 ally, 201932 horde)):

5805.1567,691.4682, 657.95, 3.045

Pants ( chest (201295 ally, 201934 horde), Pants above it (201301 ally, 201931 horde)):

5805.1352,694.44, 657.95, 3.156

Unmentionables ( chest (201295 ally, 201934 horde), Unmentionables above it (201301 ally, 201931 horde)):

5804.8096,696.434, 657.95, 3.28


All the NPCs (“Wants …” where … is water, shirts, pants, unmentionables) are imps, I’m not sure they are needed:

Shirts, Pants, Unmentionables, Water:

36944, 36945, 36946, 36947

Tosses, in the same order:

69593, 69600, 69601, 69614

– Wants Papaya


any news about it ?

I’m waiting for Macrus to fix the other one, then I’ll copy the script and apply it to this one.

Some news about this quest?

Have you read what I wrote?

Yes, you said you are waiting for Marcus to fix the other one, i was asking if there are news about Marcus’s work

I think he will keep us updated whn he works.

It’s useless and time wasting answering this kind of question, since you don’t really want to know anything (what would it change to you if he will take 2 weeks or 2 months to fix it?), you are just pushing him.

Who the fuck is Marcus? /emoticons/default_tongue.png

thats what i wonder too lol xD (its definetly not me).

Malcrom maybe?


Malcrom is very busy lately with new house and new job. Maybe soon I will get a chance to try and finish the SAI but right now I don’t have time.