Quest About Aura "detect Amore"

Effect 0: Id 6 (SPELL_EFFECT_APPLY_AURA)BasePoints = 1000


Aura Id 170 (SPELL_AURA_DETECT_AMORE), value = 1000, misc = 1 (1), miscB = 0, periodic = 0

I’ve to use a spell that use this effect in order to see a certain creature, judging on blizzard it is supposed to be a invisible one and judging on auraeffects.cpp it says only that it somehow interract with units that have spell that change their visual appearence or something. I casted myself this after I’ve set a s creature addon data to have greater invisibility and the creature was not revealed. So my question is does anybody know what exactly is this effect revealing or more like what invisibility specificly?…c368810db850771

i have imported it to trinity but not checked, should works. Seems like it reveals some units depending on player PLAYER_FIELD_BYTE2_DETECT_AMORE_* ?

Amore, as in Love?