Quest 'Fear No Evil' 6.x.x

Hello, I just want to find out if this quest is bugged or if I have done something to make it not work in the source.

You accept the quest then are meant to be able to cast Revive on the Injured Stormwind Infantry, mine does nothing.

Many Thanks.


TC 6.x is still in development and in early alpha stages. There are many known bugs that are being worked out and this takes time.

Okay thank you, so this is a core issue and not something I’ve accidentally broken?

Indeed. The more people pitch in with code and what-not, the further it will go. These are times I wish I knew/had an interest in development.

If you haven’t tried to the 3.3.5a core, I would give that a try. Yes, it doesn’t have the latest bells and whistles that live as, due to it being an older version, but it’s crazy stable and most everything works as intended or is blizzlike.