[QUEST]Going Bearback

-- Adding spells to Icefang UPDATE creature_template SET spell1 = 54897, spell2 = 54907 WHERE entry = 29602;[/sql]

Source, pretty please?

The spell ids are correct and set to the right spell number, but I’m not sure what ID Icefang has. There are 2 Icefangs on wowhead (29602 and 29598).

Source: wowhead.

29598 is the npc, and 29602 is the mount (you can also make a try using the .npc info command… the npc you can see without mounting has got id=29598, and the mount has got id=29602

Tested and working. now i’m tring to do something similar also for the quest “cold hearted”, but i cant’ find the spell…


it’s probably this one.

If you compare it to videos, the animations match

Hope this helps you…

[CODE]-- Fix Quest http://www.wowhead.com/quest=12851 “Going Bearback”

DELETE FROM npc_spellclick_spells WHERE npc_entry=29598;

INSERT INTO npc_spellclick_spells (npc_entry,spell_id,quest_start,quest_start_active,quest_end,cast_flags,aura_required,aura_forbidden,user_type) VALUES

(29598,54768,12851,1,12851,1,0,0,0);-- Icefang Summon.

UPDATE creature_template SET spell1 = ‘54897’,spell2= ‘54907’ WHERE entry=29602; – Spells Icefang

UPDATE creature SET spawntimesecs=30 WHERE id IN (29358,29351); – Mobs Respawn Rapido (Elites).

UPDATE creature_template SET ScriptName = ‘npc_icefang’ WHERE entry IN (29358,29351); – Set Scriptname.

DELETE FROM conditions WHERE SourceTypeOrReferenceId = 13 AND SourceEntry = 54798; – A?adida Condiciones Correspondientes

INSERT INTO conditions (SourceTypeOrReferenceId,SourceEntry,ConditionTypeOrReference,ConditionValue1,ConditionValue2)




Thanks. i’m pretty sure we need also some c++ code, but for now i’ve something to start working…

The scripts wich were controlling icefang were ALREADY working, are you sure that your code is useful?

That’s an error, man. the code should be:

UPDATE `creature` SET `spawntimesecs`=30 WHERE `id` IN (*,29351); -- Mobs Respawn Rapido (Elites).

UPDATE `creature_template` SET `ScriptName` = 'npc_icefang' WHERE `entry` IN (29358); -- Set Scriptname.
  • means the frostworg id, i haven’t got the time to control wich id has got.

But the code is unuseful, because was already applied!

[CODE]UPDATE creature_template SET
spell1=54897, – Flaming Arrow
spell2=54907, – Burst of Speed
spell7=54788 – Icefang Begin Pathing (aura)
WHERE entry=29602;

UPDATE creature_template SET faction_A=35,faction_H=35,unit_flags=unit_flags&~8,speed_run=1.7142857142857 WHERE entry=29602; – Icefang
UPDATE creature_model_info SET bounding_radius=1.68025,combat_reach=4.125,gender=0 WHERE modelid=26323; – Icefang
DELETE FROM creature_template_addon WHERE entry=29602;
INSERT INTO creature_template_addon (entry,mount,bytes1,bytes2,emote,auras) VALUES
(29602,0,0,1,0, NULL); – Icefang[/sql]

iperpido, could you test this?

If the 3rd spell (Icefang Begin Pathing) shows up or bugs the action bar; it should be spell7 and not spell3


Icefang pathing is already controlled by the script… i’ve tested only with spells 1 and 2 and works without adding it. are you sure that this spell isn’t already invoked by the script?

anyway, i’m going to test it tomorrow, i’ll tell you if there is some difference.

Again, as I said in the other topic, because it is working does not mean that it is right.

The core script is using void PassengerBoarded(Unit* who, int8 /seatId/, bool apply) to start the path while it should be on aura hit 54788.

Anyway, DB should still have that aura spell on the spellX fields.

ok, i try and tested ur fix in all modes + mine, and is not working … why ? cause its need core suport.

Thank You For ur work…

Nay, i’ve tested your code… seems ok, but there is a problem: in this way the user can see the spell icon. are you sure that the spell shouldn’t be casted by the script or something like this instead of simply adding to icefang’s spells?

That’s very strange, because the is alredy a working script on core, so THERE IS ALREADY core support! i’ve only added the required spells, nothing more,

Are you sure that your core and your world database are fully updated?

I think that seeing the spell icon is due to the core not sending the required flag to the client to hide the icon. This would be a core issue.

I assume this is a vehicle, if that is the case the spellX fields are only for spells that you can cast while riding the vehicle. What exactly are you trying to accomplish by putting an aura in the spellX fields?

– Brian

It’s exatly what i was thinking… probably that spell has to be casted on the vehicle

Brian is right, no point putting the spell in creature_template, should be casted in core script if needed. got any idea what its for anyway?

misc stuff i found in sniff:

UPDATE `creature_template` SET `speed_walk`=2.8,`speed_run`=1.7142857142857 WHERE `entry`=29351; -- Niffelem Frost Giant
UPDATE `creature_template` SET `speed_walk`=2.8,`speed_run`=1.7142857142857 WHERE `entry`=29358; -- Frostworg

UPDATE `creature_model_info` SET `bounding_radius`=0.31,`combat_reach`=6,`gender`=0 WHERE `modelid`=24531; -- Niffelem Frost Giant
UPDATE `creature_model_info` SET `bounding_radius`=3,`combat_reach`=0,`gender`=0 WHERE `modelid`=26331; -- Frostworg

DELETE FROM `creature_template_addon` WHERE `entry` IN (29351,29358);
INSERT INTO `creature_template_addon` (`entry`,`mount`,`bytes1`,`bytes2`,`emote`,`auras`) VALUES
(29351,0,0,1,0,NULL), -- Niffelem Frost Giant
(29358,0,0,1,0,NULL); -- Frostworg

DELETE FROM `npc_spellclick_spells` WHERE `npc_entry` IN (29351,29358);
INSERT INTO `npc_spellclick_spells` (`npc_entry`,`spell_id`,`quest_start`,`quest_start_active`,`quest_end`,`cast_flags`,`aura_required`,`aura_forbidden`,`user_type`) VALUES
(29351,46598,0,0,0,1,0,0,0), -- Niffelem Frost Giant
(29358,46598,0,0,0,1,0,0,0), -- Frostworg

DELETE FROM `vehicle_accessory` WHERE `entry` IN (29351,29358);
INSERT INTO `vehicle_accessory` (`entry`,`accessory_entry`,`seat_id`,`minion`,`description`) VALUES
(29351,29558,0,0, 'Niffelem Frost Giant seat 0'),
(29351,29558,1,0, 'Niffelem Frost Giant seat 1'),
(29351,29558,2,0, 'Niffelem Frost Giant seat 2'),
(29351,29558,3,0, 'Niffelem Frost Giant seat 3'),
(29358,29558,0,0, 'Frostworg seat 0'),
(29358,29558,1,0, 'Frostworg seat 1');

I picked him /emoticons/default_smile.png

That aura is a pet spell that should be on spellX fields. What I wasn’t sure if auras would go to last spellX used or to spell7. It looks like it is indeed spell7.

(Re-check packet structure for SMSG_PET_SPELLS)

If you didn’t notice, pet vehicle spell bars got 6 slots. This spell7 is for auras.

This is not the only case where it happens. If you check the dragons vehicle in Eye of Eternity, they should have a “Flight” spell in their spell7 slot.

Also the Argent Tournament mounts, spell7=63034 – Player On Tournament Mount (aura)