Quest levels in all NPC dialogs

After trying several addons that claim to add the quest level to dialogs and having them not work for certain dialogs, I decided to just write a patch for the core itself…

Now one might ask Why would you want this?

Well, sometimes a questgiver will give you a quest that’s considered red which means it’s several levels above you. Instead of having to accept the quest, open your log and abandon it, you can just not accept it because you’ll know the level up front.


[ul][li]Create a function called AddQuestLevelToTitle()[/li][li]Make a call to AddQuestLevelToTitle() in the following functions[/li]SendQuestGiverOfferReward()
[li]Create a CONF option to toggle the feature on / off for the server[/li]Notes:

[ul][li]After the changes the level appears in brackets before the quest title[/li]Example: [13] Westfall Stew
[li]It appears in the following dialogs[/li][ul]Questgiver offer quest dialog (and “current quests”)
[li]Quest details dialog (before accept)[/li][li]Quest turn in dialog[/li][li]Quest log[/li][li]Quest tracker[/li][/ul]
[li]DO NOT supply the level when using .lookup quest or any other commands[/li][ul]The level is only added for informational purposes in the dialogs. The server
commands expect to have the original title passed to them.

ToDo (back burner - anyone):

[ul][li]Expand this to be a player choice[/li]Add a field to the player table (on or off)
[li]Allow all players access to a command “.questlevels on/off”[/li][/ul]

Carbonite does it a hundred percent … Although I’m not too fond of it.

Interesting. I use CT mod for their hotbars so I actually hadn’t looked at Carbonite

CT mod only offers an option for levels in the log and I downloaded a few other addons but there were several NPCs that they would not show levels for in any of the dialogs. I think it’s probably due to the messages they were hooking vs. what Trinity was sending.

Writing a patch for the core took me less than 5 minutes compared to trying to decipher the addons, especially the ones that use external libraries like ACE and such.

For those following, I will post a PR in the next few days after I add the CONF option under the “custom” section.

If the PR doesn’t get merged after a couple weeks then I’ll post it as a DIFF for people who want it.

Or you could write your own client addon, its not hard after all.

I did that but there were some NPCs that still didn’t show the levels. I think it was cases where the NPC was a questgiver plus something else like a vendor or trainer. The core doesn’t send the proper message to the addon for hooking.

Also, writing an addon is more difficult (annoying) than writing a 5 line function into the core /emoticons/default_smile.png

Moving to custom code

Please move it back.

Custom Code and Requests

This forum is for posting custom patches for Trinity.

It is not for posting patches that you would one day want to go into the public repo

SInce I am submitting a PR for the public repo it belongs where I originally posted it.

Alright just talked to the higher up’s /emoticons/default_smile.png they said make the pull request and don’t forget ToDo:

[li]Create an CONF option to turn the feature on / off [/li][/ul]

Let me know if ya need anything else when i get your reply i’ll move it back /emoticons/default_smile.png

Thanks. I actually just finished adding the CONF option and making a DIFF file to put in the

thread incase it was voted down /emoticons/default_smile.png

I just need to update my fork to the newest master and apply it. PR should be done shortly.

Edit: “shortly” meaning after I compile and test /emoticons/default_smile.png

Screenshot of results included on the PR page.

Hmm, how do you close a poll?

All I can do is delete the question but for archival purposes that isn’t a good choice. The poll is irrelevant now since the PR is published.


As of this reply, the “Yes” votes win anyway /emoticons/default_smile.png