[QUEST] Quest 13663 Kill Credit

Hi, since that morning i’ve been trying to fix quests on argent tournament, but cant find a way to fix http://www.wowhead.com/quest=13663/the-black-knights-orders

What is done so far:

[ul][li]Summon gryphon[/li][li]Mount it[/li][li]Gryphons waypoints + fly[/li][li]Dismount[/li][/ul]
The Problem is:

[ul][li] [/li] [/ul]
Black Knight’s Gryphon taken

I dont know how to set this objective as true, i saw some SmartAI scripts, but i want to do it in C++ and haven’t found any clue on how to do it.

Any ideas on how to set Kill Credit for this quest since there are no Spells or Triggers in DB (been searching wowhead like crazy)

any fixes for this?

The quest is already scripted, there’s just a general issue with the vehicleid, use another one and it will work (186 for exemple)