Quest Text not shown

Hello Community,

I created some start Quests but the Quest Text is missing ingame but it is there in the database. Do you need to make an mpq patch for it?

Some help would be great, thanks.

No, you don’t need a client patch for that. But sometimes you need to delete your WoW wtf cache folder. All texts and some other parameters are cached.

However, if the text is missing at all you may have done something wrong.

ah ok no patch alright i understand. But field QuestDescription should be correct like all other quests has the same. A friend also can not see the Quest Text somehow. So it cant be me because cache deleted, i also created a test quest in the database and also nothing but on complier everything was fine so what can it be?

Quests can be done just only by editing the database. No recompile nor a client patch is necessary.

Basic quests attached to a NPC works mainly like that:

  1. Use or create a NPC and set its npcflag to 3 (Gossip and Questgiver)
    2. Create a quest template.
    3. Make a link in creature_queststarter and creature_questender

I figured it out now thanks. QuesType should be 1 in my case not 0 so its solved.