[Quest\zul'drak] Lab Work

Please review report (for push?) https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/issues/2382#issuecomment-1894155

Fix posted in bug report /emoticons/default_smile.png

UPDATE `quest_template` SET `ReqSourceId1` = '38386', `ReqSourceId2` = '38339', `ReqSourceId3` = '38340', `ReqSourceId4` = '38346', `ReqSourceCount1` = '0', `ReqSourceCount2` = '0', `ReqSourceCount3` = '0', `ReqSourceCount4` = '0' WHERE `entry` =12557;

Don’t do that, please.


if (pQuest->ReqCreatureOrGOCount[0] == 1 && pQuest->ReqCreatureOrGOCount[1] == 1 && pQuest->ReqCreatureOrGOCount[2] == 1 && pQuest->ReqCreatureOrGOCount[3] == 1)

Aren’t ReqCreatureOrGoCount… values static? As in never change. I don’t get why are you doing this

Urgh, that was a stupid mistake. It should have been a check to ensure the 4 objectives are completed. Although oddly enough it works, and you don’t get a quest completion unless you’ve satisfied all 4 objectives. I’ll update that when I get back home.

As for ReqSourceId columns, I didn’t realise that. I’ll have to alter the DB changes then. I did this is a way to link the item to the quest, so that I could set the looting to -100 (only drop when player has relevant quest). As the items don’t remain in the players inventory, they are destroyed after 30 seconds. So it cannot be a required item. Is there another way to achieve this? Or would these items not be linked to the quest as 1) they can’t be sold and 2) after 30 seconds they are destroyed from players inventory.

DELETE FROM `spell_linked_spell` WHERE `spell_trigger` IN (51068,51060,51088,51094); INSERT INTO `spell_linked_spell` (`spell_trigger`, `spell_effect`, `comment`) VALUES (51068, 51227, 'Muddy Mire Maggot Kill Credit'), (51060, 51226, 'Withered Batwing Kill Credit'), (51088, 51228, 'Amberseed Kill Credit'), (51094, 51229, 'Chilled Serpent Mucus Kill Credit');[/sql]

This will cause the quest credit for this quest to ding on looting the proper item. As for the looting issue I think this quest template needs checking or the loot needs to be changes to conditions for 2 quests. This one and the daily.

Thats the Daily quest.

Oh damnit! I’ve muddled them up a bit. I’ll have to modify this slightly then as there will be 6 items for the daily correct?

As for the non-daily, the SQL should be sufficient yeah?

Thats how i see it, the non daily should be fixed with that sql + fixing the looting probelm. As for the daily, yes 6 items, but i hven’t looked deeply into that.

This is not longer needed no?

Right, I fixed this in https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/1ceb779b09a06c1d39e208dcfd6a27079fc91f8b

Fine, moved into completed.