Question about bugs on official wow

When coding something for trinitycore you usually have to stay as blizzlike as possible, right?

How is that about bugs on the official WoW? To be more precise: While doing some experimenting i discovered a small bug which allows you to duplicate two items (a staff and a one handed sword; didnt try it with others). I made two screenshots of how that looks like, one before:

and one after:

On the second shot i highlighted the blade: its the one that monks got after that 7.0-patch as compensation for their old weapon. Now, it only sells for 5 copper but it is (or was a day ago) disenchantable, so you could easily essentially duplicate dusts.

Would you prevent that bug when coding for trinity?

(If you want to reproduce it: Equip that sword two times (since you get it two times), go onto a flight using the flight master, switch it out for anything else, log out via /camp, log in → two new weapons in your inventory + a staff in your mailbox. Rinse and repeat).

I wouldn’t go out of my way to implement a “blizzlike” bug.

If the bug already happens on TC, too bad, it probably won’t be fixed. But if the bug does not exist it would be kinda madness to introduce it on purpose.