Question About Condition Instance Data

I want to ask what exactly should I write here:


ConditionValue1: entry //see corresponding script source files for more info

[li]ConditionValue2: data //see corresponding script source files for more info[/li]
[li]ConditionValue3: always 0[/li]

I suppose at value 1 should be map ID of the instance and value 2 should be the data in which the instance is currently in or not? xD

It is a condition for assembly trying to fix up the emblems. I want to make a negative condition that restrict the loot /emblems/ to be given, if the data I list below is false. The problem is I’m totaly not in c++ and the description is a bit short. I checked the general header file and there the Assembly of Iron is under 4 as of boss data I suppose, should I use this number or some other, so when one of them dies the thing I listed below would make core to check if the encounter is finished or not.


I realise that I’m asking given info, but I just can’t find what I need or have no knowledge to see it atm.