question about GossipDef.cpp

There’s a couple lines (same code in 2 locations) that seems to select between a yellow exclamation and a blue question for a quest giving object/NPC. Shouldn’t there be a blue exclamation option, too? I’ve tried to find another thread or issue ticket on this, but I can’t seem to find it with multiple searches.

Do you mean this?

data << uint8(0); // 3.3.3 changes icon: blue question or yellow exclamation

Because if you do, I have no idea what you’re asking. /emoticons/default_smile.png

That’s the line with the comment, but I’m unclear as to whether that line of code is the problem. All I know is that daily quest givers aren’t supposed to only have a blue question over them to indicate that the daily (or dailies) is available to be picked up. I used to see blue exclamations, but some code changed that seem to have removed them. The question was rather plainly stated. Perhaps you missed it due to skimming instead of reading? If that module isn’t where the object/NPC flag is set (the ! and ? options), then a simple “wrong module” comment would have been better than saying you don’t understand “Shouldn’t there be a blue exclamation option, too?” when it was first asked. Before submitting an issue ticket, I was asking to make sure I hadn’t overlooked something (a database problem or a known core issue that I was unable to locate).

Repeatable quests that do not have to be picked up before turning them in are supposed to get the blue question, but any repeatable quest that has to be picked up and something done to complete it (i.e. cooking & fishing dailies) are supposed to be a blue exclamation. MoP may have changed that, but pre-MoP used the blue exclamation as appropriate.

As I said, it’s only a minor annoyance to have the blue exclamation left out of the process. If I’m in the wrong module (always possible), a nudge in the right direction would be appreciated. I may not know C++ nearly well enough to create this sort of project, but I have worked with C for so long that I can make changes here and there without breaking something unrelated. In a way, tracking down issues and finding a way to fix them is being educational in that I’m slowly learning some of the C++ changes.