Question about mmaps

When will mmaps be supported in Trinity core? And also, is mmaps the component that deals with the physics of mobs, and whether they can fly, run through walls, etc? Thanks

Open your eyes, Luke

mmaps will never be supported on Trinity.

Also, mmaps is only pathfinding. While it will keep non-flying NPCs on the ground, it has nothing to do with game physics.

– Brian

Hmmmm, maybe someone should start coding Flyingmaps?

What? That made zero sense.

– Brian

Apparently I saw “non-flying NPC’s on the air”. I am paying for not sleeping…

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Tis all good man. I have had about 2 hours sleep in the past 36 hours…

– Brian

ok! and how u wanna solve flying mobs bug? or it’s normal for the core? blizzlike?

Took it from here^

mmaps are on the roadblock for eventual inclusion into Trinity. As Rat said, you can’t just copy / paste mangos movement system over. The libraries themselves are just a copy / paste job, but we will have to rewrite our movement generators to take advantage of the new functions. Look for an mmaps branch coming soon to a github near you…

– Brian

Now you say that it will not be implemented. I understand, mmaps will not solve all movement problems, but why not to at least try to solve some problems if you can? I mean, if you can fix movement of non-flying NPCs with mmaps, why not give it a try?

I agree ^ mmaps will be great in game