[Question] All Changed Function Names Since Quastons New Spellinfo System


i just wanna ask you what functions have changed since quaston new spellinfo system btw i need a list with the changed functions. ive ported a code from an old revision into a later revision and the compile menas that “EffectTriggerSpell” isnt a element of spellinfo. so a list of the new functions would help alot

i have the same problem :S

Major changes start from this commit: https://github.com/T…ed4d2fc41aca5a7

If you wanna start from that page: https://github.com/T…/master?page=32 (ofc it’ll change with new commits)

Most of his commits have an explanation about the changes.

PS: his nick is QAston not Quaston… LOL

Here’s something someone on IRC linked some time ago.


do som1 have the changed onEffect funktions before they were remade ?

this functions i actually need for the old system:


OnEffectHitTarget += SpellEffectFn

OnEffectHit += SpellEffectFn

If you are inside a SpellScript/AuraScript you can call GetSpellInfo() directly.