[Question] Allow Character Customization (barber chair) via Command

I’ve been thinking of implementing something close to, or resembling, a .haircut command. I’m not sure where I’d want to look first to try and do so, so I was wondering if anyone would know where I should start. Basically, I want to have it so that when the command is used, it pulls up the customization menu one would get if he/she sat in a barber chair. Any ideas where I should start looking?

First of all find where the packet code is sent and use it to send it to the player, then skip checks if player is on a char w/e gobject gossip

You tested this and know it’s working?

So, I’d probably have to look at the GameObject’s script itself, right? My only concern is that it may not function without the checks.

It works. I just disabled the checks and everything works smoothly. Thank you ak47sigh!

so where is the packet code sent?

I found it in GameObject.h. I then structured the command like the mailbox one and added a new function that sends the packet code (in WorldSession.h and NPCHandler.h). I believe the specific code is SMSG_SHOW_BARBER_SHOP or something along those lines.