[Question] Friends Handling

So, the question may seems to be a little bit strange, but anyway.

We have this window in Battle.net Launcher, which shows us our friends (in game ones + battle net ones)


My question as simple as: “How trinitycore handles friends relation (user → friend)”. Because when we log in, we can actually see our friends in friends tab, but im unable to find any related table on kpsn wiki.

Since from a long time ago TrinityCore uses battlenet.exe (or what it’s name), i guess there should be some info related on friends handling process. I’m trying to recreate launcher for TrinityCore and want to display real friends of person, instead of current online players (as it is done in most other launchers).

Any help is really appreciated!

Well, sorry for that strange posts order and timing. I found character_social table (it’s stupid to look first for table with obvious name, right?), so problem is half way solved =D