[Question] Remove duel flag


i want to remove the duel flag. So i look into the source code and i see that the duel flag is a central element of the whole duel system. So it is possible to make the duel flag invisible or something like that?

My second question: What means the “duel->outOfBound”?

[CODE] if (duel->outOfBound == 0)
if (!IsWithinDistInMap(obj, 50))
duel->outOfBound = currTime;

        WorldPacket data(SMSG_DUEL_OUTOFBOUNDS, 0);
    if (IsWithinDistInMap(obj, 40))
        duel->outOfBound = 0;

        WorldPacket data(SMSG_DUEL_INBOUNDS, 0);
    else if (currTime >= (duel->outOfBound+10))

just change duel flag model to something insvisible and/or size to something small.
Like make it be 0.01 or something in size.

you can ofcourse also recode it not to use the gameobject as the central point, but I dont think its worth while if hiding the gameobject in some way suits you.

If you go too far away from the flag, one of the players is disqualified for going out of bounds.

I dont find the object “Duel flag” in the database o.O

SELECT * FROM gameobject_template WHERE `entry` IN ('21680', '191126', '194306');