I was also curious how I could make a kill class quest, or kill race quest for example:

Kill 10 Rogues

Kill 10 Mages

Kill 10 Humans

Kill 10 Undeads

I was curious how I could make quests like that, if anyone could tell me where I should look or what I can do for either of these questions I would really appreciate it.

[/URL][URL=“”]Spell bonus data tc2 - TrinityCore Wiki

[/URL][URL=“”]Quest template tc2 - TrinityCore Wiki

Edit: BTW “Questions” is NOT a proper topic title! That’s why you created your topic at 6:37am and i answered to it at 4:35pm!!

Neither of those links work :/. But I figured out how to override spell damage through the core but I still cant figure those quests out.

Links corrected.