Rare Elite Creatures SAI

Hey guys, I wanted to write SAI for some of the Rare Elite creatures that are needed for achievement “Frostbitten”.
So I’m in dilemma right now, I would appreciate any help or advice on how should I approach these things.

Ok to the “problem”; Like you know many of the Rare NPCs are to be found scattered across entire area in any zone. For instance “Perobas the Bloodthirster”,
I know wowhead is not reliable for information, but in this picture here you can see that he can be generally found at 5 locations in Howling Fjord.

And in this picture here, which is a screenshot of a _NPCScan addon mapview you can see that he moves between certain “dots” if you will, but then he’s isolated in the middle near the lake.

I’m still learning all the in’s and out’s of SAI (I already have experience with SQL).
My main issue here is that I can’t just insert waypoint_data and let him walk around when on many youtube videos he clearly isn’t connecting dots that we see on the map.
Like seen here.


So really my main question would be, how should I approach this? What event/action should use from SAI?

This may be ‘dumb’ question, considering that many of you have years of experience with this.But that’s why I’m asking you, because you guys are the source of knowledge for this thing.

I would really appreciate any help regarding this. I’ve been a long time follower and reader but now I’d like to contribute as well. You are a great community.

If you search around a bit, you will find a post that explains that the current implementation of mmaps is not using all the correct movement generators for the different types of NPCs. So, you will need to get it as close as you can, and when those movement generators are added, they will need to be redone.

I see no point in doing movement script then. Thanks for the answer though.

Rares have spawn position pools, depending on their spawn position they start specific path (or atleast this is how Time-Lost Proto Drake behaves and very large number of rares that I can confirm). In other words this means depending on the spawn position the npc gets it will take specific path with spefic pauses. I believe these stuff are hardcodded in retail, but since there are some possibilites it’s a lot of work.

Back to your question rares on spawns should start the specific path however this path would be determined based on their current position or (maybe used spawn position) SAI doesn’t support such event and conditions are lacking effective support on this matter also (conditions based on position, though there are some hacks like checking close object and stuff, but it’s wasted efforts imo until such condition exists, but still perhaps rares should be handled in C++ since there such check can be done combined with escortAI).

I said all this, because I don’t believe they do use random based generators (like cycling movement, catmullrom (can’t remember the name exactly) uses hardcodded (predefined) wps). Most of them cover large spaces and they would have troubles with making such generator that will predict everything correct, so the waypoints you make would be of good use. The movement generators Paradox mentioned and how mmaps handles them will influence on how spline is handled and how they deal with surfaces, but that will only influence on how the movement itself is displayed.

Thanks for clarifying it for me. I will look more into it later.