[RBAC request] Prevent listing of all realms to all users

As a follow up to this post …


… I would like to propose to add the following option to RBAC:

Users can see only the realms (in the realm list window) they really have access to.

The accessible realms could be defined in rbac_account_groups table.

Additionally you could also add a new permission ‘User can see all realms’.

But this in only worthy if it can be done in some line of code and not to rewrite half of the auth server /emoticons/default_wink.png

What purpose would this serve other than purely visual aesthetic? Considering presently, realms that are not accessible are already shown as “locked”.

As I wrote in the previous post: To prevent making standard players curious and bothering after if they see that there are may more realms (for testing, sandbox, experimental reasons). There is nothing more interesting than things you can’t have or don’t have access to it /emoticons/default_smile.png

Visual aesthetic is not an issue.

Visual aesthetic is the only issue.

Wouldn’t you want to see all the realms that your friends can join?, even if they are labeled “offline”.

why are we still providing support for what is obviously an illegal public server?

VIP realm. /emoticons/default_laugh.png

why are we still providing support for what is obviously an illegal public server?

Normally I answer only in posting if people give serious answers related to the post. However I would like to give some on my thoughts

about above sentence, because I have seen that’s an often used question by Paradox in this forum:

  • Development for WoW server emulators in the past 10 years: Do you really think it was only for private educational purpose ?

  • You don’t think that over 90% of downloads are used for private public servers ?

  • And about legality, that it depends on several factors, f.ex also in which country you are hosting a server ?

  • That all the different emulator projects never would have such a lot of contributors if the contributors wouldn’t be driven by the fact to use this software on a public server ?

  • Publishing the original texts in TC official database isn’t a infringement to Blizzard as a copyright holder ?

Please don’t understand me wrong: I respect that you would like to hold this project away from any legal problems with Blizzard. I do not ask or force anybody for support me if he doesn’t feel free and comfortable to do that.

But if all of you are concerned about legality, wouldn’t it be safer to work on TC in a closed group and as closed source project? Or even if the only idea was to make an MORPG server for educational purpose why than not making than an own server including a nice client ?

Try reading some board rules before attacking me personally for pointing out something you should already know.

I didn’t attacked you personally, in fact your answer was the only correct one: You was concerning about legality and I told you I can respect and accept that.

(Why people don’t read what I’m writing ?)

However such things can be discussed but nobody must do that.


Beside that it was you who told me to put this request into to custom code forum. You cold have remarked your concern already there.

Not sure if RBAC is a good solution for this.

two possible solutions:

RBAC: add a permission to allow to show realms with a particular flag

Accounts: adding a new “realms” bitflag column and match the index with the realm id (will force the realms to be 1, 2, 3, 4… or 1, 2, 4, 8)